K8055 Card


K8055.info Has Been Declared Dead

Since 19 December 2007, bld and Ty have been providing free K8055 software through our website K8055.info. That site is now closed for financial reasons. Giving away software on an ad-free site gets expensive when we have to pay for bandwidth and hosting all by ourselves.

You have arrived at eeberfest.net, a site run by Ty (member and programmer of the original K8055.info crew). Here you can download some of the software that K8055.info offered. We are no longer maintaining these programs, but they are known to work fine as-is on all Windows versions up to Vista and should work on Windows 7 as well.


Shameless Plug:

Be sure to visit my main site EEBERFEST.NET when you are finsihed here! Webcams, Nixie Tubes, more K8055 stuff, etc.

Don't Burn Your House Down:

Read and understand the Velleman K8055 documentation before connecting things to your K8055 card. Interposing relays or power transistors are required for most real-world applications. If you don't know what that means, or you generally don't know what you are doing with electricity, seek help from someone who does. It is quite possible to destroy the K8055 card, damage your computer's USB port or motherboard, and even start a FIRE by connecting mains powered devices incorrectly. You have been warned.

This software is provided AS-IS and free of charge for non-commercial (hobby and educational) use only. It is provided WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind. It is not guaranteed to work for your application nor for ANY application whatsoever. Use it at your own risk. We reserve the right to laugh at your FAIL if you ignore our advice and end up frying your equipment.


These programs do not have installers. Extract the downloaded zip file into a directory that you can find again. The zip file contains the program, documentation and other useful stuff. Read the documention to find out what to do next.

K8055 WebLink:

This is a stand-alone program that runs in your System Tray. It has more fancy features than the K8055 Plugin does, but it requires a bit more configuring to get it going. If you are already using AbelCam and your K8055 application is not super complicated, you would probably do better to try the K8055 Plugin For AbelCam first. WebLink does not contain its own Web server - it needs to be run on a machine that's also running Apache or IIS or AbelCam. It is primarily designed for controlling model cars or simple robots, but it will work fine as a light controller too. Read the included README files to learn how to use it!

K8055 WebLink - View Main Documentation Online
K8055 WebLink - View Apache-specific Documentation Online
K8055 WebLink - View AbelCam-specific Documentation Online
K8055 WebLink - DOWNLOAD Program and Documentation (.zip 183KB)

K8055 Sequencer:

This stand-alone program has nothing to do with the Web. It's a simple sequencer program that lets you create a sequence of output patterns in a textfile and then play back the sequence on your K8055. You can run sequences based on the time of day, which is useful for home automation applications. Or you can run sequences based on elapsed "timer-time", which is good for running things like Christmas light displays, disco lights, simple machines, and so forth. Read the included README file to learn how to use it!

K8055 Sequencer - View Documentation Online
K8055 Sequencer - DOWNLOAD Program and Documentation (.zip 122KB)