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Nixies & Other Electronics

Tube Clock Database: Objective reviews of various Nixie clocks and kits, and a fairly active forum for Nixie collectors, traders and project builders. Definitely worth a look!

Gorbet Design: Wonderful electronic artworks, featuring Nixie Tubes and other interesting devices. Gorbet's piece From Me To You was the inspiration for the "word convolution" sequences that appear on my Nixie Shoutbox periodically when it's in standby mode.

Mike's Electric Stuff: If you are interested in Nixies, "vintage glass" (tubes/valves) and crazy high voltage experiments, this site is a great place to waste an entire evening!

Tom Bruckner: One of several places to buy Nixie tubes. He has a huge inventory of NOS vacuum tubes, Nixies, CRTs, and so forth. I have found him to be honest and reliable.

Velleman: Maker of the K8055 card and other interesting electronic kits.

The Home Automation Store: This is where I order my X10 stuff from. Prices and selection are similar to but without all the hype and pop-ups and flashing text that make the rudest site on the web.

Dieter's Nixie World: Lots of Nixie Tube project pictures and information and a huge datasheet archive. He also sells some assembled Nixie clocks but no kits or parts.

Webcam Related

Logitech Webcam Drivers: Scroll down a bit and you will find a comprehensive matrix of Logitech camera / driver / OS compatibility. Very useful for solving LogiFail issues.

AbelCam Camera List: Directory of webcam sites that are running AbelCam. Constantly auto-updated so there are never links to dead sites.

Web Truck: The AbelCam developer's "other" site. Drive a model truck in Switzerland interactively from your browser. Several webcams let you see where you are going. Cool!

Live Cam: German site with a variety of webcams, some with device controls.

CamZone: A collection of Southern California streaming webcams in public places. This is a commercial site with some advertising.