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Software for X10 and Velleman K8055

These programs are free but they are not open source. K8055 WebLink and the K8055 Sequencer are no longer being maintained but the versions offered here work fine (tested on WinXP & Vista) and have no known bugs. Plugins are still being maintained.

X10 Plugins: Adds X10 control to your AbelCam-powered webcam site. These are "plugins": you just copy into your AbelCam program folder and AbelCam will automatically recognize them. They are configured through AbelCam's user interface and use the AbelCam internal webserver to serve X10-enabled web pages. There are 2 different X10 Plugins: Serial for CM11a interface (and similar) is HERE and USB for CM15a interface (and 19a - sort of) is HERE.

K8055 - Read This First! The K8055 card can switch only 100 milliamps per output at 50 volts or less. Interposing relays are required for most real-world applications. Read and understand the Velleman K8055 documentation! If you don't know what you are doing with electricity, seek help from someone who does. It is possible to destroy a K8055 card and start a FIRE by connecting mains powered devices incorrectly. Yep, I said FIRE. I have destroyed one K8055 myself by being careless with the power-side wiring. When it blew it did not just smoke a bit. It caught fire and burned enthusiastically until I put it out. You have been warned.

K8055 Plugin: If you are an AbelCam user this is the easiest way to add K8055 controls to your webcam site. This program is a "plugin": you just copy into your AbelCam program folder and it is automatically recognized. It is configured through AbelCam's user interface and uses the AbelCam internal webserver to serve K8055-enabled pages. It's designed mainly for controlling lights so it's pretty basic. I use it for the light controls on this site. Get it HERE.

K8055 WebLink: This program runs without AbelCam. It has more features than the K8055 Plugin does, but requires more configuring to get it going. Also, it needs to be run on the same machine as a web server (Apache, IIS, AbelCam). It is primarily designed for controlling model cars or simple robots, but it will work fine as a light controller too. Read the included README files to learn how to use it! Get it HERE.

K8055 Sequencer: This stand-alone program has nothing to do with the Web. It's a simple "sequencer" program that lets you create a sequence of output patterns in a textfile and then play back the sequence on your K8055. You can run sequences based on the time of day, which is useful for home automation applications, or you can run sequences based on elapsed "timer-time", which is good for running things like Christmas light displays, disco lights, simple machines, and so forth. Read the included README file to learn how to use it! Get it HERE.