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n. 1. Vigorous but unproductive group activity.  2. Polite term for a large-scale clusterfuck.

Interactive Nixie Shoutbox -- Construction Photos

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001-Tube-Testing.jpg 002-Testing-Mess.jpg 003-Board-Artwork.jpg 004-Proto-Bare-All.jpg 005-Proro-Bare-Detail.jpg 006-Proto-Step1.jpg 007-Proto-Step2.jpg 008-Proto-Step2-Detail.jpg 009-Proto-Step3-Front.jpg 010-Proto-Step3-Detail.jpg 011-Proto-Step4-Front.jpg 012-Proto-OhShit.jpg 013-Proto-Step5-Front.jpg 014-Proto-Final-Front-NoTube.jpg 015-Proto-Final-Back-All.jpg 016-Proto-Tester.jpg 017-Proto-Test-Ready.jpg 018-Proto-Works.jpg 019-Power-Board.jpg 020-Power-Back.jpg
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